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Sunway enterpriseVarious mechanical complete sets of equipment

The problem of automatic production is solved

In 2014, Saudi customers purchased our fully automatic pipe making line


In 2015, Egyptian customers purchased our semi-automatic pipe making line


In 2016, the Korean factory purchased our two full-automatic pipe making lines and 1000L paste making machines


In 2017, Mumbai customers purchased our fully automatic pipe making line


In 2018, New Delhi customers purchased our fully automatic pipe making line


In 2019, Philippine customers purchased our fully automatic pipe making line


In 2020, Colombian customers purchased the fully automatic high-speed shoulder injection machine and double film capping machine newly developed by our company


In 2021, Indonesian customers purchased the whole PE pipe line of our company

Taking mechanical product manufacturingas the main body

Committed to a variety of types of mechanical products’ research and development and manufacturing

Product research and development

In the long manufacturing time, we have successfully developed and manufactured many series.

Technical strength

Strong technical force, converge many talents of packaging machinery industry.

After-sales service

We are in line with the "customer first" spirit, equipped with after-sales service team and excellent after-sales service ability.

Technical cooperation

We have cooperated with many foreign companies and have a deep and rich understanding of international advanced packaging technology.

Make to process

  • Sign the contract
  • Drawing design
  • Production
  • The assembly
  • Debugging before delivery
  • The shipping payment
  • After-sales
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Create sunway machinery brand with ingenuity and craftsmanship

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Nantong Tongzhou Sunway Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of large emulsifying machine, pipe making machine and shoulder injection machine.

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